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Healing Through Art Therapy

February 10th, 2018 - Read more

There are many different methods to treating problems like addiction and mental illness that can act as supplements to regular psychotherapy. Alternative types of therapy can allow people to explore various options that may work for them in reducing stress and coping with complicated emotions. Art therapy can be one of the most effective ways …

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Discover More About Art Therapy

August 30th, 2016 - Read more

Let’s talk about art. Art therapy has become an effective practice for many, so much in fact it’s been implemented into recovery programs across the country. Art has the power to move us individually on an emotional level, which can help us practice how we control our emotions. This is an important aspect of developing …

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Art Therapy Reduces Stress, Even If You’re Not Very Good

August 8th, 2016 - Read more

Art therapy has proven to be an effective way to calm the mind into a meditative state. So much in fact, mental health centers and addiction treatment programs often incorporate art therapy for patients on the road to recovery. The results, published in Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, titled “Reduction of …

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Why Art Therapy for Addiction Recovery Works

July 7th, 2016 - Read more

Can art therapy for addiction recovery work? Sometimes, there aren’t words for the experiences that come with drug addiction. The heartaches, headaches, and horrors can’t be worked through by talking them out. Instead, expressing yourself through art activates a different part of the brain that speaks a different language. The unconscious mind speaks mostly through …

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Secrets to Shoveling Out Depression: Part 2

October 4th, 2014 - Read more

In Part 1 I introduced my best friends, music and nature, to you. Then, I explained how they always help me treat symptoms of depression when they come up. In this post, I am so excited to introduce you to my other best friend, poetry, which is my favorite form of art therapy. Poetry can …

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