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Case Coaching / Case Management

Case CoachingCase Coaching or Case Management is the process of managing a person’s well being by developing a partnership with that person and connecting him or her with a variety of resources in the community.

It is a process of assessing, evaluating, and planning a person’s full array of health needs in order to ensure that person’s well being. Ideally, a case coach or manager takes into account the available resources in the community in order to connect that person with the highest quality services at reasonable costs.

How It Works

Essentially, a case manager works to identify the appropriate service providers in the community that meet the needs of the individual. At the same time, a case manager or coach ensures that the available resources are being used in a timely and cost-effective way. Doing this allows both the individual and the community resources to benefit.

Optimal case management can be achieved when there is clear and direct communication between the case manager, the individual, and the available resources in the community (the service providers). The goal of a case manager is to achieve client wellness through the following means:

  • empowering a client to self-advocate
  • communicating directly with the individual and the available resources
  • identifying available resources that will meet the individual’s needs
  • educating the services providers on the needs of the individual
  • educating the individual on the available service providers and agencies in the community
  • facilitating the connection between the individual and the community services

Case Coaching / Case Management Services

Case Coaching and Case Management services are frequently used in fields such as healthcare, nursing, rehabilitation, social work, disability insurance, employment, and law.

Professionals who provide case management services might be specifically trained in their own field or they may be certified specifically in case coaching/case management.

For instance, a psychiatric nurse who works for a hospital might provide services related to psychiatric nursing, but she may also be required to provide case management services for her patients. However, other organizations that focus on and only provide case management services might require their staff to be certified in case coaching or case management.

It should be noted that a “case” refers to the account that an individual might have with an organization. Management is the managing of the services that a person might receive. However, case management can also include the managing of information, processes, analysis, collaboration, and systems related to the individual receiving services.

Often, a case manager or coach is the liaison between a variety of professionals in the community and the individual. However, a case manager is also one who may choose certain services on behalf of an individual, if those services are in a patient’s best interest. Ideally, case management includes the individual in discussions about his or her services. Yet, at times, circumstances do not allow this sort of communication.

If you or someone you know is in need of managing mental health, medical, or other types of services, Case Coaching or Case Management might be able to help.