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2020 Annual Scholarship

Are you a student?

We may have the scholarship you’re looking for.

In addition to providing treatment programs for people in need of behavioral health and trauma healing support, we also provide a $1000 annual scholarship for students in need of financial support.

If you’re studying to become a mental health professional, we want to hear from you!

Ready to get started?

There are two easy steps to apply for the Vantage Point scholarship:

  1. Write an 800-word essay about the importance of mental health and what you hope to do with your career as a mental health professional.
  2. Fill out the form below and click submit before March 31, 2020.

It’s that easy.

You will not receive a notification from us upon your submission. The winner of our annual scholarship will receive a notification via email by April 20, 2020.

Participating in our annual scholarship constitutes your consent to use personal information for the purposes of offering the scholarship and reporting to the appropriate tax authorities. We will not share your personal information to any other persons or entities, or use your personal information for marketing purposes.

Past Awardees
2018: Ashley Faucette, Univ of Maryland, Baltimore, 2019 Master of Social Work
2019: Jasmine Briscoe, New York University

If you have any questions, please include them in your application in the form below where it says “Eligibility Questions.”

We wish you luck and hope you continue forward on your path to becoming a mental health professional.

Scholarship Form

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