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Our Commitment

Guided by a structure rooted in spiritual principles, it is the commitment of Vantage Point to be recognized as an industry leader with a focus on four essential priorities: Hope & Healing, Philanthropy & Community, Diversity & Inclusion, and Best Business Practices.

  • Hope & Healing

To many, the idea of hope is comforting. The very concept of hope is that it is never lost – it lingers, and so long as you hold onto your life, there’s hope that things will get better. That’s the kind of hope we embody – it’s the kind of hope we embolden and the kind of hope we strive to turn into great fortunes once again.

After all our years in the industry, we understand how severe cases can be. We understand the depths some people have gone through, and the pain they carry. We understand how healing can be difficult to even hope in, let alone believe in. But just like hope, we’re adamant in our principle that any emotional scars can be healed. We understand too, however, that what happened has happened – and we can’t undo history. Our hope isn’t to make you forget your past – it’s to allow you to heal to the point where moving on becomes a possibility, rather than just a dream.

  • Philanthropy & Community

Our commitment to dealing with mental health and trauma includes an understanding that overcoming the pains of the past requires an involvement of the whole community. There can be no room for intolerance or contempt in a community because such emotions only foster the circumstances for abuse.

It’s about you – and we focus on giving you the tools to overcome your past. But during, and especially after the healing, your environment is crucial. People must come together, and bind together to protect each other and create a space where victims can come forward and discuss their experiences with one another. Group therapy is an effective way to tackle traumatic experiences, getting them out in the open.

This goes hand in hand with our understanding of philanthropy – working with not just our patients, but their families and friends and the general community at large to promote the mental welfare of a community and its people. We can’t simply be callous towards others and expect a thriving community. We must all take some time to help those around us if we want a world where people can overcome their diagnosis and work towards a future of fulfillment.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

Some experiences are the result of intolerance and misunderstanding, divisions created in communities over perceived differences, and disrespect garnered not due to ill behavior, but prejudice. People are different – not everyone is alike, and the world is full of different communities with different views and different customs.

But at the heart of all peaceful communities, there’s a common interest to avoid conflict and create a place and purpose for everyone. That spirit of inclusion is something we earnestly believe has to transcend borders and pierce through superficial differences, and we encourage people of different flags and religions to come together and find common ground.

Instead of judging others before they can speak for themselves, we commit ourselves to promoting the idea of giving others a chance to integrate and become a part of the community, no matter where they come from, or what they look like.

  • Best Business Practices

We commit ourselves earnestly to doing business in an ethical way, putting ahead the integrity of our programs and services, and the quality of life of our patients.

We live in a world where the reality is that every business needs to make a profit in order to survive, but we don’t see ourselves or the industry we work in as an opportunity to exploit the good people we work with to further our fortunes.

Our business is our investment, our legacy – first and foremost, we maintain full transparency in regards to what we do, we put long hours and much love into the work we do, and we hope that shows in the results we give each and every one of our patients.