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Testing and Assessments

Testing and Assessments

General Information about Formal Testing

A Psychological, Neuropsychological, Developmental, Educational, or Substance Abuse Evaluation provides comprehensive data to establish diagnosis, personality structure, addiction potential, intellectual functioning, and treatment planning.  It is often used to confirm or modify the impressions formed by the referring physicians or therapists. Furthermore, it can highlight an individual’s cognitive, academic, and personality strength and weaknesses.

Neuropsychological testing is used to help diagnose, and determine the prognosis of neurological, neurodevelopmental, and psychiatric disorders in individuals. It is also widely used to evaluate complex learning and behavior problems.

What information can testing provide?  

  • Important information that may be difficult for a person to express directly
  • Reliable and valid data based on comparisons with research
  • Measurement of personality, addictive, intellectual, and neuropsychological characteristics
  • Information about a person’s intellectual and emotional strength and weaknesses that can be used and addressed in treatment
  • Information about a person’s social functioning and coping skills
  • Integrated information from multiple sources
  • Information related to a person’s relationship patterns
  • Validation of current diagnosis
  • Clarification of differential diagnoses


  • Detection of potential neuropsychological involvement
  • Identification of personality structure and functioning
  • Evaluation of person’s ability to function in, and benefit from psychotherapy or other forms of treatment
  • Treatment matching and clarification of treatment needs and goals
  • Clarification of reasons why someone may not have benefited from treatment in the past
  • A baseline against which the progress of treatment can be measured
  • Assessment of motivation for treatment
  • Treatment recommendations

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