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Drug Addiction Treatment

drug addiction treatmentThe process of drug addiction treatment is one which is very unique for each and every patient, as well as his or her family for that matter. With so many potential underlying conditions present, there exists a certain reality within the course of addiction rehabilitation that is almost never seen in other conditions or maladies. When treating diabetes or high blood pressure for instance, there are certain elements to address and certain drug regimens in which to consider utilizing, but otherwise there are no extenuating variables relating to the patient’s emotions or psychological conditions. This however is not the case with mental health and drug addiction treatment.

Effective Drug Addiction Treatment

There are many available options when it comes to drug addiction treatment, and the fact is that some have been shown to consistently outperform others. Another reality is the fact that much of the patient’s long-term outcome has to do with his or her overall level of commitment toward the process of inner person change.

Common examples of drug addiction treatment options are:

  • Short-term inpatient treatment (often a 28-day hospital type setting)
  • Long-term residential drug rehab (usually from 2 to 6 months)
  • Intensive outpatient treatment (often referred to as IOP or Day Treatment)
  • Private therapy (utilizing a licensed therapist, counselor, psychologist, etc.)
  • Structured sober living or recovery housing (this can help with building daily living skills)
  • PHP or Florida Model Recovery (basically merging structured sober living with outpatient rehab)
  • Private recovery services (sober/recovery coach, therapist, etc.)

Drug Addiction Treatment at Vantage Point

A very common scenario we face each day here at Vantage Point is the one where a parent, spouse or other loved calls in a state of absolute confusion. They’ve done a million online searches, spoken to countless admission reps and treatment professionals, have received many referrals from friends or neighbors, and so on. The world of drug addiction treatment can be very scary and overwhelming to those with little or no background in it.

A big component we practice within the recovery process extends far beyond the client’s actual clinical care regimen. This means informing, educating and involving those of whom play an active role within the patient’s life. It also means providing objective insight based entirely upon many years of training and hands on expertise. Most important though, is that it entails a level of support and guidance that is easily navigated, while being highly effective on multiple levels. The fact is that drug addiction treatment does not need to be an overwhelming or mysterious journey in any capacity.

The VP Core program is specifically designed to create stability and structure for any individual entering our treatment program. This method of Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) lays a foundation for a new way of living and being, coordinating therapy, mindfulness, yoga, group work, and more under one roof.

Change is possible- in fact it is more possible than you may think it is in this very moment.  We see it every day! Patients come in with little or no hope, broken, sad, angry, resentful, yet we see the process of positive and lasting change set in quicker than you may think.

The Vantage Point staff is available for you 7 days and all calls and inquiries are 100% confidential. We encourage you to make the change today and utilize every possible tool in the arsenal of leading drug addiction treatment services. For more information please contact our Thousand Oaks, California outpatient treatment center at (424) 402-5224.