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Our Process BannerHere at Vantage Point, we work in the business of mental health care – and we try to do everything with transparency and a focus on integrity. We give it to you straight, and try to meet you halfway on everything. There’s very little rosy prose or empty promises here – we mean what we say, and stand by what we write. So believe us when we say that VP Trauma is one of our most involved programs to date – which is why it’s a separate creation from our main mental health track.

The Trauma process, to us, is a three-fold journey that covers the CORE principles of our six-week program, the program TRACK itself and the very factors that make it unique and effective, and finally, the aftercare and our means to help you THRIVE – tackling the residual emotional scarring that a traumatic event can have, with methods designed to let you keep living and working while making your trauma powerless.



Why VP Trauma’s Process Is Different

Trauma victimThe existence of VP Trauma is separate from our main mental health offering because of the nature of trauma. Traumatic experiences are events that leave a lasting, scarring emotional impression on people. It’s normal to grieve and struggle after an emotional event – from a major nationwide tragedy to a personal loss – but after a certain period of time, it’s in our nature as people to bounce back.

Trauma victims fall back into the grieving process, either shortly or long after an event occurred, and don’t quite break out of it. That’s when an event was so hard to bear, that it reaches a point in a person’s psyche where they break. That breaking point is different from person to person. But once it’s reached, going back can feel impossible.


Talk Therapy BannerThat’s what VP Trauma is for. We utilize a long list of treatments, from regular talk therapy to more cutting edge therapies like brainspotting to desensitize our clients, and teach them to contextualize, rationalize and overcome their emotional toils. Open, gaping wounds turn into faint scars, and in time, emotional triggers for traumatic stress become sore but manageable reminders of a memory, one that doesn’t interfere with your life anymore.

Getting to that point isn’t easy, which is why our trauma track follows a strict, specialized and individualized six-week program designed to take on ten people at a time – so we can give our maximum amount of attention to each and every client. Through our meticulously-researched and structured program, we plan to end each round of treatments by giving our clients either the means to completely break away from their trauma or begin to do so enough to take on the rest of the journey mostly on their own, with help from their community, family, and friends.

The program is roughly similar for every client, because it works. But the exact treatments used are different from case to case, and the experience every client comes away with is completely unique. Trauma is an individual’s journey, and it takes as long as it takes – there are no shortcuts, no fast-tracks, no speed hacks. Just the road, and the task of taking each step – a step at a time. But with us, you won’t be walking all alone – we’ll be right there with you, helping you get back up when you stumble.