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Mental Health Treatment

Mental Health Treatment

Of the many specialties available to clients at Vantage Point Recovery, mental illness treatment is the predominant focal point and is the primary reason new patients seek out our highly acclaimed recovery programs.  While most Southern California programs tend to focus specifically on certain maladies, Vantage Point Recovery has the vast expertise to treat nearly the entire spectrum of mental health issues.

With our experience and knowledge providing a variety of mental health treatment, you can rest assured you’re in caring hands.

Take a look at the overview below to learn more about the mental health treatment options we provide.

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Mental Illness Treatment

Our mental health treatment programs consist of many key elements, each of which are designed to integrate with one another.  The ultimate objective is to create a multi-level platform for healing that achieves superior results over the long term.  We realize the complexities involved and here at Vantage Point we offer a broad set of tools and approaches that, combine to offer something truly special.

Our mental health treatment programs are focused around a number of singular/combined issues.

Treatment for Depression

Treatment for Trauma

 Treatment for Anxiety

Mental Illness Treatment for Personality Disorders

Mental Illness Treatment for Other Disorders

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Mental Illness Treatment for the Individual

We look at each patient uniquely and create treatment plans specifically around his or her specific needs.

Each treatment plan is carefully constructed, with a primary goal of providing individualized treatment according to specific condition, symptoms, experiences and interests.  The mental health treatment process here takes on a whole new meaning, and the end goal is one of long-term success in recovery and well living. Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) provides a level of structure and stability for anyone struggling with a mental health issue, and includes psychotherapy, group therapy sessions, coaching and mindfulness therapy. Patients will benefit from all of these treatments under one roof at Vantage Point Recovery.

We offer combinations of both group as well as private therapy sessions. Our therapists work to help each client address, evaluate, and in some cases, learn to accept and cope with a mental illness that has plagued them to one degree or another.

Every patient here at Vantage Point is unique in their own way, which we deeply appreciate and consider as we approach treatment.

We realize that this may not be yours or your loved ones first attempt at finding effective mental health treatment.  Unfortunately, this is quite common, however it is our objective to end this cycle.  In utilizing a multitude of advanced tools, coupled with many therapeutic approaches, Vantage Point Treatment is able to maintain very high success rates.  We encourage you to find out more and make the change today!

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Mental Illness Treatment

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