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AdmissionsThe way we do things is, ultimately, very simple. You come in, you admit yourself for treatment, and we get to work immediately, analyzing and studying your circumstances and your illness until we have a concrete diagnosis/diagnoses, and an actionable treatment plan.

It sounds very mechanical, and even a little cold – but trust us, we understand the pain and struggle that a diagnosis can bring, and more importantly, we know what it can be like for people and their loved us to deal with serious mental illnesses like personality disorders.

That’s why we work very hard to offer concrete, professional solutions to any and all of our patients. No matter what your condition is, as long as you’re alive and willing to fight your illness, there’s hope. And hope is all we need to keep working towards an answer to your problem.

Getting started is easy – all you need to do is pick up the phone. We’ll always be there on the other side, waiting for your call – and waiting to begin treatment. Keeping going is harder – that’s why we do everything in our power to help you stay on track, from involving your loved ones to offering you any combination among dozens of treatment options, many of them on the very bleeding edge of modern day psychiatric research.

No two cases are the same, and we never approach our work thinking that any one treatment will be highly effective without first evaluating our patients. Patients, once admitted, will work with a treatment team to help put together a flexible treatment plan that can include any number of treatment options, from talk therapy to mindfulness training, exercise, meditation and much newer solutions like brainspotting.

We know that it’s hard to admit mental illness – especially in a society where being mentally ill is stigmatized, stereotyped and misunderstood. That’s why taking that first step towards accepting yourself and your diagnosis is massive. And we’ll help you get there, through group therapy sessions, helpful resources, and by bringing your family and loved ones into the mix. After all, at Vantage Point, your loved ones are part of the treatment team. They help you bear the burden of your illness, and support you while you fight your disorder – and we equip them with the means to make sure you can always get back on the horse when things go a little south.

If you or your loved one is suffering from a mental disorder, then the first step is to pick up the phone, or send us a message. Your journey starts right now – not when we get back to you, but the second you decide to get better. And it never ends. To us, personal improvement is a lifelong quest, and it goes beyond overcoming a medical diagnosis.