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Substance and Compulsive Behavior



Have you ever wondered why you started using drugs, drinking or acting compulsively? Remember when it used to feel good to act in those ways? It felt like you were really getting what you needed. It probably doesn’t feel that way anymore, does it?

The truth is most of us with substance addictions or compulsive behaviors actually believe we need the substance or behavior to feel whole, complete or to feel normal. We understand. We’re also pretty sure we can help you feel like that without having to use alcohol or drugs or behave destructively.

Our licensed therapists and certified coaches have a lot of experience with addiction, compulsive behavior and substance abuse treatment. We believe we can show you some other, more healthy ways to think about your life. Perhaps we can even introduce you to parts of yourself that you’ll really like.

We can also talk with you about a loved one whom may be of concern to you.

Set up a NO COST CONSULTATION / ASSESSMENT and let us help you understand what might be causing struggle, confusion, isolation or chaos in your life. Chances are, it has very little to do with addiction.

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