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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction TreatmentMany people end up checking into a residential or intensive outpatient drug rehab center for the purpose of alcohol addiction treatment, also commonly referred to as alcoholism. In such cases, the patient will often times require a preliminary period consisting of medical detoxification in order to properly ween them from the physical dependence. In fact, without it the patient is potentially at risk for severe withdrawal symptoms that can actually place his or her life at risk!

Understanding Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol addiction treatment is offered at nearly any drug rehab center, and in many cases the course of treatment offered is very similar. Examples of such treatment approaches consist of:

  • 12-Step based
  • Non 12-Step based
  • Hybrid programs (usually combining 12-Step and holistic or faith-based approaches)
  • Faith based (usually Christian or Jewish)
  • Holistic programs (often times these are substantially more costly)
  • Nuero-advanced programs (providing such things as, neurofeedback, brain mapping, EMDR, neuroplasticity and more)

Regardless of which program style the patient (and family if applicable) choose to go with, it is important to be aware that alcohol addiction treatment, and its many components, is far more successful if it is tailored around the patient’s specific needs. No two alcoholics are alike, and so too is the reality that no two treatment regimens should be alike either.

Addressing the Core Issues Perpetuating the Problem

Ultimately, very few addicts and alcoholics drink or use for no other reason than, “it feels good.” By this point the feel-good part is long past and has graduated to the point of utter slavery to the condition. During the early days within an alcohol addiction treatment program, patients begin to understand that much more is actually at play, and sometimes these underlying conditions date as far back as childhood.

As the rehabilitation process begins to evolve, the patient, with the help of a qualified therapy team, will begin unraveling and addressing a number of core underlying issues, such as:

  • Past trauma or PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Self-esteem issues

There are many variations of underlying causes and each can have varied levels of applicability within the course of one’s addictive patters. For instance, people specifically needing alcohol addiction treatment will often share the common trait of being triggered by the close proximity of the alcohol aisle during their grocery store trip, something which heroin or cocaine addicts would likely be less affected by.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Vantage Point

The Vantage Point Program strives to create treatment plans that address the patient’s past, present and future realities as they apply specifically to their substance abuse issues. Unlike many other recovery programs, Vantage Point takes very fresh approaches toward the overall alcohol addiction treatment process. By this we mean that while we will always remain steadfast within those treatment methods and styles showing the most success, we will always remain fluid and open to the latest clinical advancements.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment programs specifically provide the flexibility for individuals to maintain their home and work lives, while undergoing part-time treatment for alcohol addiction. By creating accountability and structure for our patients, intensive outpatient therapy can help provide the level of support to help overcome addiction. IOP programs include traditional therapy, group schedules, life coaching, and wellness opportunities.

We believe in fully customizing one’s addiction treatment regimen in a manner that bolsters the highest likelihood for long-term success in sobriety. This means not only his or her life in recovery, but also how they perform in other areas, such as school, work, family life, romance, short and long term goals, overcoming adversity, etc.  Here at Vantage Point our objective is to achieve success on multiple levels, and in a capacity that can withstand and persevere through life’s trials and tribulations.

For more information on Vantage Point’s alcohol addiction treatment program, or to speak with a qualified admission counselor or to address any questions, please contact us 7 days a week
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