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Mental health & Addiction are our industries. The human experience is our passion.
“Struggle. Change. Thrive.”
Our Process
VP Residential
  • 24/7 Residential Care
  • Safe and Compassionate Detox Available
  • Addiction, Psychiatric, and Dual-Diagnosis
  • Emphasis on Physical and Emotional Stabilization
  • Psychiatric and Clinical Assessment
  • Empathetic Staff. Nurturing Environment
VP Core
  • Structured, Supportive, Comprehensive, Specialized
  • Progressive Abstinence Empowerment Model
  • Aims to Lay Foundation for a New Way of Being
  • Emphasis on Stabilization & Skills Building
  • Individual & Group Holistic Treatment
  • Roots in Evidence Based Modalities & Mindfulness
VP Thrive
  • Wrap-around Resources
  • Focus on Personal Growth & Development
  • Services & Events to Create Self-Mastery
  • Open Marketplace; Content Driven
  • Community Support & Connection
  • Supportive Housing Environments Available
Providing Quality Mental Health Treatment
“Hope. Healing. Recovery.”
Your Journey Is Our Journey

your-journeyAt Vantage Point, we view recovery and lifestyle management as a series of ongoing processes and practices; ultimately, a journey. It is perhaps the most important, challenging and fulfilling journey a person can make in their life. Each of these processes requires a great deal of introspection, reflection, patient guidance and non-judgmental support. Your team members at Vantage Point understand these needs and we are passionate and practiced in providing and receiving them in our own lives.
Each team member at Vantage Point is committed to his/her own personal journey, deepening awareness, healing and living more complete lives. Driven by a wish to create fundamental change throughout the world, much of the inspiration for each of us comes from you, our clients. We were all called to this path; one of empowering people who seek to live more complete, healthy lives.
Your Vantage Point team members understand that in order to create change on a global level, it must be done locally. This is the main reason why your journey is our journey. Humanity needs us both. To join together and evolve; to create more awareness and peace in our local community. This is our calling. This is our journey.

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“Embrace the Process.”
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“Our Purpose is to Inspire Yours.”
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