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We get it. Diagnoses are important and complex. But before you take that information and run with it, know this: you are not your diagnosis. You are so much greater than that word. Guided by a treatment philosophy rooted in the principals of personal empowerment, we believe everyone has the potential to live a purposeful and fulfilling life. No doubt tragedy and challenges happen such as the ones below, but remember: Shift Happens.
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Everyone has a story they live by. Where some stories lead to healthy coping patterns and a life of opportunity, many, sadly lead to dysfunction and struggle. Where we believe everyone has a chance to change the trajectory of that story, we know it requires a comprehensive approach rooted in both art and science. All our programs have been created with this is mind. So no matter what your story, we have a program that can help you change it from a story of tragedy to one of triumph.

Our primary mental health treatment track; Core lays the foundation for a new way of being. Focused entirely on every facet of you, this comprehensive program utilizes, individual services, psychoeducation, creativity, mindfulness, aftercare planning, and human connection to create the changes needed for long term success.

A brand within a brand at Vantage Point, VP-Trauma is a six-week cohort specialty program that combines Core, with comprehensive, cutting-edge, trauma treatment. Serving only ten clients at a time with supportive housing available for six, VP-Trauma aims to stop the past from determining the future.

People say that the end of treatment is just the beginning, and while that sounds clichéd, it’s true. Upon discharge, you will have the blueprint for a new you, space inside for it to be created, and the tools in which to build it. Where this may feel exciting yet overwhelming, Thrive aims to provide continued support and resources for the building process to unfold.

Providing quality mental health treatment


Here’s the part where you get to learn about some of the shiny tools we have in our treatment tool box. Maybe you just glanced at these and thought, “Been there, done that.” Listen, we hate to break the news to you - there is no cure, quick-fix or secret-formula. The methods used are just one piece of a magical equation that we partner with you to discover. Read on, because the methods are an important part of the process. Just don’t sell yourself short - know that good treatment goes far beyond the method.
We are an In-network and Out-of-network provider. Please contact us for more information.

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