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Mental Health & Healing are our Expertise. The Human Experience is Our Passion.
“Struggle. Change. Thrive.”
Getting Help For...

We get it. Diagnoses are important and complex. But before you take that information and run with it, know this: you are not your diagnosis. You are so much greater than that word. From the moment you admit with us, we will work alongside you tirelessly, giving you the tools to gain personal empowerment. Scroll down and educate yourself on what we will help you through here at Vantage Point and remember———Shift Happens.

Compassionate Care at Every Level
“Embrace the Process.”

Everyone has story to tell. Some lead to healthy coping patterns, others lead to dysfunction and other tragic stuff. Either way, you have the option to rewrite your story. Depending how many springs have sprung is what determines the level of care you may need. Don’t worry about trying to figure that out on your own, we do that together when you call. For now, just check out what we offer:

Providing Quality Mental Health Treatment
“Hope. Healing. Recovery.”

Here’s the part where you get to learn about some of the shiny tools we have in our treatment tool box. Maybe you just glanced at these and thought, “Been there, done that.” Listen, we hate to break the news to you - there is no cure, quick-fix or secret-formula. The methods used are just one piece of a magical equation that we partner with you to discover. Read on, because the methods are an important part of the process. Just don’t sell yourself short - know that good treatment goes far beyond the method.



You made it to us. We’re still here and happy see that you are too. Something we have said has kept you interested enough to keep you on our site despite the sea of treatment programs waiting on Google’s search pages. This is the moment where we make a profound acclamation with a mission statement, philosophy, and a list of credentials. But, we aren’t going to do that. Now don’t get us wrong, those things are important and they are somewhere on this site, so feel free to search away. But in our experience, we have come to learn that you don’t get many opportunities to change the course of people’s lives. The most important thing to say in this moment, whether you pick up the phone or not, is to let you know that someone is here. No matter how dark it may feel, no matter what you did or what you have been through, we have hope for you. We see you. We believe in you. We want to partner with you.

Are You Ready for Change?
Your journey is our journey. Let’s do this!
Why Us?
“Our Purpose is to Inspire Yours.”