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Our Story

CultureDr. Minoo Shilati founded Vantage Point with a clear and simple vision of helping individuals and their families suffering from addiction and mental health challenges. Dr. Shilati’s personal transformative journey through family illness, addiction, and life challenges inspired her career in the recovery industry. Beginning in 2001, she pursued her vision of creating a client-centered establishment where genuine love, compassion and unconditional positive regard of our clients’ wellbeing are at the heart of the healing process.

Vantage Point quickly developed a reputation for being able to help more complicated cases and a valued referral source from other agencies that were unable to provide the level of care that Vantage Point offers. Our slow and steady growth through the years has enabled us to provide consistent excellence as we have evolved.

We recognize that change can be difficult and frightening.

Vantage Point offers cutting edge integrated evidenced-based therapies that are remarkably effective. Our customized treatment plans are highly collaborative and responsive to the individual’s unique needs. Our therapeutic team is comprised of caring practitioners who are deeply committed to serve others and value on their own continued personal growth and transformation as tools that enhance their professional lives.

Our goal is to affect change in our clients so they may re-engage in life with renewed hope, optimism and self-mastery.

Vantage Point Today

CultureA family-owned Lifestyle and Recovery Management Center made up of a group of diverse individual specialists guided by a framework and model designed for the fulfillment of the Vantage Point mission. Vantage Point is committed to providing the space for a wide array of professionals to offer a variety of services to meet the needs of our diverse clients.

Built on a strong foundation made up of a set of core values and principles, best practices, and strong policies and protocols, Vantage Point Lifestyle and Recovery Management Center aims to provide a safe, fun and professional space for individuals at all stages of their evolution who want to create change in their lives to rediscover who they really are in order to become who they want to be.