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How Does Somatic Therapy Work?

January 11th, 2019 - Leave a Comment
How Does Somatic Therapy Work?

As more evidence accumulates to support the idea that the mind and body are closely connected, health practitioners are embracing different kinds of treatments such as somatic therapy. Doctors now understand that the mental health can play a role in physical well-being and vice versa. Somatic therapy is based on the concept that the body …

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The Trauma of Sexual Assault Discussion is Center Stage

October 9th, 2018 - Leave a Comment
How Does Somatic Therapy Work?

After the powerful testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford before the Senate Judiciary Committee, more attention has been drawn to the issues of sexual assault and its impact on victims. Ford asserted that not only was the event itself terrifying but it affected her for the rest of her life in many ways. Her story …

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Can Trauma Affect One Sibling More Than Another?

July 9th, 2018 - Leave a Comment
How Does Somatic Therapy Work?

A traumatic event can have a devastating effect on an entire family and the relationships that they have with one another. The death of a family member, a violent accident, or a life-threatening experience can all have a very painful effect on each member of the family. It is important to remember that every person …

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What Yoga Does to the Mind

June 25th, 2018 - Leave a Comment
How Does Somatic Therapy Work?

Most people think of yoga as good exercise and a healthy activity for the body but accumulating evidence shows that it can also be great for your mind. Yoga promotes a feeling of relaxation and calm that has beneficial effects on every aspect of a person’s health. It is an activity that not only is …

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Necessary Boundaries for a Healthy Counseling Relationship

May 20th, 2018 - Leave a Comment
How Does Somatic Therapy Work?

Boundaries in a counseling relationship are not boundaries you can see, like a white stripe on the highway telling you not to cross over that line to avoid danger. They are invisible boundaries but can be just a dangerous if crossed. To most people, having healthy boundaries in a counseling relationship comes naturally. It makes …

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What is Progressive Abstinence

May 17th, 2018 - Leave a Comment
How Does Somatic Therapy Work?

When you have an addiction to alcohol or drugs the idea of giving them up completely can be frightening. People often develop substance habits as a type of coping mechanism that helps them deal with the stress of life, their own past trauma or mental illness symptoms that they haven’t addressed. Quitting a substance often …

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Pranic and Reiki Energy Healing

January 20th, 2018 - Leave a Comment
How Does Somatic Therapy Work?

Alternative therapies can be a positive experience for people who feel that they need to heal from emotional distress or negative energy that is holding them back. There are many different options for healing your body and spirit but some of the practices that are growing in popularity are reiki and pranic healing. Both of …

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Emotional Trauma After Sexual Assault

December 22nd, 2017 - Leave a Comment
How Does Somatic Therapy Work?

Experiencing violence in the form of sexual assault can have very dramatic consequences on a person’s mental health both in the short term and long term. Survivors of sexual assault may react differently based on their own traits and experiences but in most cases it will cause a lot of extremely difficult and painful emotions. …

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A Closer Look at Brainspotting and Talk Therapy

March 13th, 2017 - Leave a Comment

What do you know about brainspotting and therapy? More importantly, are they methods you should explore as you strive to improve your mindset and overall mental health? I want to take a moment today to explore these questions, so you can make an informed decision whether or not these methods are right for you. Let’s …

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What is Mindfulness Therapy?

February 20th, 2017 - Leave a Comment
How Does Somatic Therapy Work?

What is mindfulness therapy? Everything we do is done quickly so we can move on to the next task. We push aside the needs of our body and mind to get jobs done. We have a deadline at work, so we ignore the signs of stress making an appearance in our bodies. We pop pain …

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