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Self Compassion Meditation 101: Part 2

Self-Compassion 101 Part 1 offered tips on how to be more kind and caring toward yourself. These tips were suggested by researcher, Kristin Neff PhD. Neff confirms that by cultivating self-compassion and self-kindness, one’s motivation to live more fully increases and changes for the positive occur in the physiology of the body and mind. Below is another self-guided therapy for anxiety, depression and negativity that Neff suggests for cultivating self-compassion.


The Self-Compassion letter

  • Think of a situation in which you are criticizing yourself.

  • Write a letter to yourself at least 1 paragraph in length.

  • In the letter provide yourself with kind and loving support about the situation. Write the letter as if you are writing it to your best friend.

  • Some suggestions: 1) remind yourself that you are not alone, this is a universal human experience (examples, relationships change, and grow and sometimes this can be painful; every person has times where they do not feel or act 100%…) 2) Remind yourself of your past successes, 3) Remind yourself of all of your gifts and talents, 4) Remind yourself of all of the people who support and love you.

  • Read the letter out loud to yourself in front of a mirror. (You may want to have a box of kleenex on hand.)

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