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Self Compassion Meditation 101: Part 2

Part 1 offered tips on how to be more kind and caring toward yourself. These tips were suggested by the researcher, Kristin Neff PhD. In particular, Neff confirms that by cultivating self-compassion and self-kindness, one’s motivation to live more fully increases. In addition, positive changes happen in the physiology of the body and mind. Below is another self-guided therapy for anxiety, depression, and negativity that Neff suggests for cultivating self-compassion.


The Self-Compassion letter

  • First, think of a situation in which you are criticizing yourself.

  • Next, write a letter to yourself at least 1 paragraph in length.

  • Finally, write the letter to yourself with kind and loving support about the situation, as if you are writing it to your best friend.

Here are some more suggestions. Remind yourself

  1. That you are not alone, this is a universal human experience. (For example, relationships change and grow, and sometimes this can be painful. Furthermore, every person has times where they do not feel or act 100%….)
  2. Of your past successes.
  3. Of all of your gifts and talents.
  4. About all of the people who support and love you.

Read the letter out loud to yourself in front of a mirror. (You may want to have a box of kleenex on hand.)

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