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Let’s Look At the Challenge of Staying Sober

The challenge of staying sober isn’t easy.

For some, it might be akin to training for the Olympics or graduating top of your class or climbing Mount Everest. It takes hard work. It takes commitment and dedication.

It takes having a plan and working that plan day after day.

But challenges are not only made of hard work; they can also bring accomplishment, achievement, and success. They can bring feelings of victory and triumph. They can bring experiences of happiness and realization.

The Challenge of Staying Sober

There are many ways to look at the experience of getting sober. You can look at it like it’s a drag, something you’re forced into. And for some of you, sobriety might be required of you by some authority, like the courts. For others, sobriety might be a choice your making in order to save your marriage or regain your finances. But it still might be a heavy weight in your life. However, you could look at sobriety like a challenge. An opportunity. A chance to start over. And in that way, getting sober might be a positive experience. It could be something that you’re working toward with delight because you know there will be rewards that come with it.

Of course, with any challenge, there are going to be fears and concerns at the start. When  are at the beginning of a challenge, it’s much different than being at the end of it. But what makes a challenge exciting is the opportunity to grow, learn, and break through inner obstacles.

Because many men and women have gotten sober before and have created a new life for themselves, there are well known tricks that support success.

Let’s take a look at a few proven tips that many recovering addicts rely upon during their recovery.

Tips for Staying Sober

  • Stay closely connected to others in recovery.
  • Attend a support group at least three times per week.
  • Find a sponsor or mentor to support your process.
  • Eat three meals per day.
  • Exercise at least three times per week.
  • Sleep well.
  • Get to know your triggers.
  • Learn relaxation techniques.
  • Create a plan for your recovery.
  • Set small goals and achieve them to build self-confidence.

In addition to relying on these tips, you might have some fears at the start of the journey. You might be afraid of the unknown, of living without a substance you’ve relied upon for a long time, or you might be afraid of who you’ll be without your addiction.  Just like any challenge, there are fears to face along the way. Here are tips for facing those fears so that you can get the help you need:

  • Write down your fears and journal about them.
  • Talk about them with a friend so that they don’t consume your thoughts.
  • Ask yourself how much of the fear can you face so that you don’t let it stand in your way.
  • Make a list of the resources you have around you. This might help you feel strong in facing the fears you have.
  • Talk to a mental health provider about your fears. You can do this even before you enter drug addiction treatment.

It’s possible to rise up and meet the challenge of sobriety. Recovery doesn’t have to be a burden. It can be a wonderful opportunity to change your life!

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