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My Eating Disorder Confession

Several months ago, I was offered the opportunity to be part of a panel discussion on the topic of Body Image and Sports Psychology. The panel needed someone who knew about eating disorders.

I had not thought about this topic for at least 20 years. When I was in my late teens into my early twenties, I was a very high level athlete in the sport of synchronized swimming. I was one of many synchronized swimmers with an eating disorder. Mine was bulimia. I had never publicly spoken about this challenge.

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In doing so here, the first thing I want to say is “thank you” to the other synchronized swimmer who mentioned to me that she had this problem too. She invited me to go to a support group for eating disorder recovery and two meetings were enough for me to stop the behavior. The possible side-effects of bulimia frightened me enough to make me stop vomiting immediately.

If anyone out there is suffering from this challenge, please know that you are not alone. Go to a support group or visit a psychotherapist or counselor. With support, you will find the love and understanding you need to help you eventually make changes. (It can be a slow process—don’t give up!) If you are looking for holistic health solutions available after you have completed an inpatient program and you are in the Southern California area, check programs offered through Vantage Point Lifestyle and Recovery Management Center in Thousand Oaks. This program offers assistance from several different practitioners including empowerment coaching, psychotherapy, yoga, nutrition counseling and other choices to serve your unique needs.


“Big dreams. Small Steps.”


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Bobbi S Rudin is a Health Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Writer, & Poet. You may visit her online to find out more about her Center for Conscious Eating or her work with Soul-Body Expressions.