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The Risks of Having Fun with Alcohol

There’s a reason why alcohol is so widely accepted in society, and it’s because it can be fun. However, for some people, the fun can become such a good time that they want to drink again and again and again. In fact, for most (if not all) people, addiction can creep up on them. No one sets out to have an addiction to alcohol or drugs. But the highs that come with drinking slowly lure a person into the dangerous cycle of addiction.

People turn to alcohol because of the following reasons:

  • Alcohol can help people feel more comfortable in social situations.
  • Alcohol can affect a person’s mood and create a much different emotional experience.
  • When men and women are drinking they tend to forget the problems they have in their life, such as financial worries, relationship troubles, or other daily concerns.
  • Alcohol can help a person feel like they fit in, especially when at a party or celebration where others are already drinking or drunk.
  • Anyone facing symptoms of mental illness might also turn to alcohol (and/or other drugs) as a way to manage those symptoms.
  • For those who feel that they do not have meaning in their life, alcohol can help them feel alive and excited about their life.
  • Drinking can be a form of rebellion for some people, including teens and soldiers who have returned from war.
  • Alcohol can help a person relax after a long and busy day.

Certainly, these are reasons why a person would turn to alcohol. However, reaching for a drink day after day or hour after hour can become incredibly risky. Sooner or later, if drinking continues then the body might be threatened by the illness of alcohol addiction. There are many reasons that might force a person to end their drinking, such as:

  • They begin to develop a tolerance and dependence to the drug.
  • They are drinking more and more to the point of being drunk and/or passed out.
  • When drunk, they are making poor choices or acting in a way that stimulates embarrassment or shame.
  • Their drinking is beginning to affect relationships with others.
  • Drinking is beginning to affect their performance at work.
  • Drinking is interfering with one’s marriage.
  • Regular drinking is causing health concerns.
  • A person begins to deny that there is a problem, which can lead to making destructive choices for oneself and others.
  • A person might even need to turn to crime as a means to sustain their drinking.

The above is a list of signs that can indicate that drinking has gotten out of hand. However, it’s quite possible that a person might continue to hold onto the belief that one day the good days of drinking will return. They might continue to stay in denial until they hit rock bottom or until they lose something of great importance in their life.

Although drinking might seem fun at first, it can be a dangerous slippery slope. If you or someone you know is already playing with the dangers of drinking, contact a mental health provider for support.

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