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Pausing Your Anxious Mind

Often times, anxiety takes control and feels like it cannot be stopped. The wheels in your head keep turning, and thoughts or fears are spun around and around until you become exhausted and frustrated. Most often, we try one of two methods: distract ourselves, or indulge these thoughts to “deal with them.” However, these tools are more productive methods of attacking anxiety from the root:

  • Take a look at the specific words that the anxiety is using. Uncovering the core message behind what your brain is saying can allow you to replace it with a more realistic statement. Working through these negative words and spinning them to be more balanced will help to create a new thought process.
  • Visualizations and images can be effective to calm your mind. Imagine what your anxiety looks like to you, and visualize holding it. Imagine the anxiety shrinking.
  • Anxiety can be as physical as it is mental. Work on deep breathing and square breathing techniques. Breathing allows us to address anxiety rather than run from it, in a calm and less anxious manner.

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