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How to Support A Recovering Drug Addict

If someone you love struggles with substance abuse, you may want to learn how to support a recovering drug addict.

For starters, you’ve been accustomed to the routine and intense treatment, and now you are entering back into the real world. Dealing with emotions of being back along with rebuilding relationships with friends and family are a constant struggle.

There are ways you can help your spouse remain sober once they are home.

How to Support A Recovering Drug Addict

Encourage your husband/wife to continue with recovery with after care programs and support groups.

Attend meetings with them, ask questions, and do the proper research so that you can better help them. Convince them that starting sober friendships is a good thing as they will have more support if needed.

Create an environment that is conducive to a sober life. Removing any temptation will help to reinforce your commitment to their sobriety.

Creating a warm environment full of happiness and free of stress can really make a difference in their lives and yours.

Make sure with all that you are doing to help your spouse, you are taking care of yourself.

Having your own support system in place will help as well.

Being able to talk to someone about any questions or issues you have in regards to helping your spouse is a great thing. There are meetings for those whose family members are in recovery. These meetings are support groups to help better understand the process.

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