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Five Morning Habits To Reduce Stress

Whether you have been diagnosed with anxiety or are dealing with general stress, life can feel incredibly overwhelming at times. Mornings can often go one of two ways – peaceful, nourishing, and a good start to the day, or hectic, rushed, and stress-inducing. Consider these five habits to implement in your morning routine to help reduce overwhelm.

  1. Give yourself an extra 30 minutes each morning. Set your alarm a half hour earlier than you need to, and take time to wake up and move at a more leisurely pace.
  2. Swap out caffeine for a healthy smoothie to get in more vitamins and minerals.
  3. Breathe in some fresh air while taking conscious deep breaths.
  4. Take a few minutes to write — either about your dreams, thoughts you have upon waking, or ideas to remember.
  5. Get moving. Take a couple minutes to walk around and stretch.