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Crippling Paranoia

Crippling Paranoia

Different mental health issues can lead to symptoms of paranoia and for those struggling with this problem it can be devastating. Issues like anxiety, personality disorders, bipolar disorder and many other conditions can lead to crippling paranoia. Dealing with paranoia can make it challenging to get through daily tasks, maintain relationships and live a healthy life.

Paranoia is when a person thinks or feels that they are under some kind of threat even if there is very little or no evidence at all. When someone feels paranoid it can turn into a delusion where they believe someone is trying to harm them either by talking behind their back or they are going to physically hurt them. Someone with paranoia may believe they are being watched by people or organizations such as the government.

With certain types of mental health problems, paranoia can become very intense and start to develop into a serious delusion that makes it hard for a person to function. Someone who believes they are being watched or will be physically harmed or killed may find it hard to go to work every day or even leave the house. Paranoia can make it hard to develop bonds with others if you find it difficult to trust people and think others are secretly out to get you.

Paranoia is a serious symptom when a person strongly believes their paranoid thoughts, thinks about them often, allows the thoughts to upset them and the paranoia starts to interfere with their daily life. It is important if you have symptoms of paranoia to get a full diagnosis as it may be a part of a disorder such as paranoid personality disorder, schizophrenia, delusional disorder and other conditions.

With diagnosis and treatment it is possible to effectively treat paranoia and reduce delusional thinking over time.