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6 Steps To Help Heal In Addiction Recovery

Healing from addiction is a long-term journey that one must commit to. No matter the addiction — be it alcohol, drugs, gambling, or otherwise — it provides an outlet for emotional distress. When working to overcome an addiction, there are certain methods you might employ to cope with your emotions in a healthier way.

  • Join a support group: Peer-led support groups can be very effective in overcoming any type of addiction. They provide accountability and emotional support as you meet with others dealing with similar addictions.
  • Explore emotions or trauma with a therapist: It is possible that your addiction is covering up a greater issue, such as trauma or painful emotions. Don’t be afraid to explore these with your therapist.
  • Identify your triggers: Note the times that you feel tempted and bring awareness. You can then learn to avoid these situations or other triggers that might lead you down the wrong path.
  • Identify what purpose your addiction serves: Examine underlying issues for which your addiction might be filling a void.
  • Learn to experience your emotions: Rather than avoiding your emotions, learn to not only experience them but to be okay with the full range of emotion that you are capable of experiencing.
  • Journal: Expressing your emotions through writing can help you to avoid triggers and express feelings in a healthy manner

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