Alexa's Certified Metrics 10 Common Signs You're At Risk of Relapse

10 Common Signs You’re At Risk of Relapse

Are you worried you or a loved one is at risk of substance abuse relapse?

Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction is not easy, which is why the idea of relapse is a very scary thing. To help you stay on track, we wanted to share ten of the most common signs of relapse. Keep these in mind during recovery and seek additional help if you feel yourself experiencing these symptoms.

  1. Feeling exhausted
  2. Indulging in distracted
  3. Losing judgement when drinking
  4. Making excuses for yourself when it’s convenient
  5. Craving what those around you are doing
  6. Losing self control
  7. Using substance to relieve negative emotion
  8. Becoming tunnel vision when feeling strong desire
  9. Making unrealistic commitments
  10. Experiencing inability to make decisions with long-term goals in mind

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