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Mark Gray, Esq.

Mark Gray, Esq.


Mark provides a uniquely-situated perspective to the Vantage Point management team as its Chief Operations Officer, combining his legal and counseling backgrounds together to better understand and serve the needs of each individual at Vantage Point, both client and staff alike.

After graduating from UCSB with degrees in Psychology and Chemistry, Mark worked for nearly eight years as an academic counselor at UCLA.  Eager to apply his counseling skills in another field, Mark pursued a degree in law at Loyola Law School of Los Angeles.  While there, he gained invaluable experience in the areas of litigation, business associations, and employment practices.  These experiences have provided Mark with a distinctive viewpoint on the American legal system and how the law and legal concepts weave themselves into all of our daily lives.

As Vantage Point seeks to fulfill its mission and vision, Mark utilizes his skills and experiences to ensure that we meet and exceed the highest standards set forth by the State of California and our industry.   He is a regular practitioner of fitness and relishes the opportunity to be active outdoors.  A native Californian, Mark loves traveling beyond the state’s borders and aims to visit each continent in his voyages (even Antarctica).