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Thrive - VP Trauma Process

Thrive - VP Trauma ProcessHere at Vantage Point, we always remind ourselves to make no mistakes as to the realities of mental illness – there is no streamlined solution to a complex mental issue, especially one as fragile and specialized as trauma. However, another reality is that we have to offer a structured program to our clients, in order to best and most fairly serve as many people as possible with the highest level of care possible. That’s why our third principle in the VP Trauma process is Thrive – our extensive, comprehensive aftercare program, built to continue providing support and assistance to our clients through careful and thorough case management, and a mentality of individualized care.

We help you get better and our philosophy is that it’ll take as long as it’ll take – but as long as you’re willing to work with us and truly focus on putting your trauma behind you, Thrive will be enough to get you there.

The VP Trauma Thrive

Right off the bat, let’s clear up the biggest question: Thrive is an aspect of our VP Trauma program that every client will have access to, after the end of our main program.

Our program is a six-week long outpatient plan, individualized based on your circumstances, trauma, and needs. It includes education and therapy tools, so you’re not only working with professional therapists to confront and overcome your trauma, but you and your family can learn how to deal with trauma in the long-term, avoid emotional triggers, and eventually create a personal understanding that allows you to live life unimpeded by your form of post-traumatic stress.

Six weeks, while a long time, isn’t enough for all cases. That’s where Thrive comes in, to further provide you with resources and guidance to help you get to a point where you can self-sufficiently combat your diagnosis. Our entire philosophy is based on self-improvement and individual empowerment – we don’t make you rely on prescriptions or expensive therapy hours to beat your condition. We teach you how to use your strengths as a person to grow past your trauma, without us. The less you need us, the better.

If you do need us, however, that’s not anything to criticize. Everyone fights their demons at their own pace, and there’s no sense in comparing one case to another – we’re all human, but our experiences, circumstances, and conditions are different enough that our traumas are perceived and fought differently from person to person. As we always say, it’ll take as long as it’ll take – what matters isn’t the speed at which you overcome your trauma, but that you’re actively working to overcome it on a daily basis. And as long as you commit yourself to our methods and treatments, we can promise you that you will once again live a fulfilling life free from the plague of your past. We can’t alter your memories, but we can make sure they become just that: memories.