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Core - VP Trauma Process

Core - VP Trauma ProcessHere at Vantage Point, we keep things simple – and that reflects on the CORE of our treatment methodology. The CORE, as we call it, is a collection of principles and practices that both summarize our services for newcomer clients and act as guidance for our treatment programs. To frame it in a more technical sense, though, our CORE is our intensive outpatient treatment program.

As our Trauma program involves a strict timeframe, every client we take on is given the full package – that is, an extensive level of treatment with both partial hospitalization program and intensive outpatient program features. We understand that there are cases where outpatient treatment isn’t right for the client, because of the intrusion of outside life. We offer alternatives in circumstances where it’s necessary for achieving proper treatment.

VP Trauma is a unique mental health offering here at VP that is strictly separate from our usual mental health track – and thus comes with its own process. That process – the process of combining our CORE, Track and Thrive philosophies – has been adapted for the purposes of this program – to address the unique needs of trauma victims. Why? Because of trauma, ultimately, is a very fragile topic that requires its own level of attention.

The VP Trauma CORE

VP Trauma, our specialized six-week offering, takes ten clients at once per program round and works to address their needs in an individualized fashion within an intensive outpatient program or partial hospitalization based on the intensity of the diagnoses and relevant personal circumstances. We offer a long list of diagnostic and treatment tools based on the nature and severity of your post-traumatic stress, drawing from evidence-based cutting-edge research and the latest in modern effective modalities.

PTSD isn’t as cut and dry as many people make it out to be. Trauma can come from a number of horrible experiences, and it can manifest itself in different ways. People can experience chronic symptoms of trauma or acute ones. They can experience delayed trauma, or suffer a complex disorder whereby a long series of events leaves much deeper, more significant emotional scarring and a host of resulting negative coping mechanisms.

At our CORE, we offer structured, comprehensive care. That means we have a certain way of doing things – a set program, with standards and a – while vast – ultimately limited list of tools based on what our proprietary abilities are, and what we do best.

It also means that we’re versatile and flexible enough to utilize our different approaches and treatment options to offer a unique and customized experience that molds and shapes itself to every single client who comes to us for help.

Our care is comprehensive because while we follow a structure of quality and a versatility that individualizes every treatment plan, we always do our best to diagnose our clients and create a treatment that sees them as a person – a whole, a complex collection of emotions and circumstances and personalities, considerations and compromises. We don’t just see you as files, pages, and piles of paperwork.

As our clients and clients, we focus on treating and working with everyone who comes to us for help – ultimately, you’re the key to your own treatment, and our job is just getting you to that point of self-efficiency. We ensure that, through our CORE, you’re given the tools needed to achieve some core competencies, through any path that works best – we combine esoteric practices with a scientific approach, and emphasize the importance of a caring community and a healing environment.

We can’t tell you what exactly your treatment will look like, how long it’ll take or whether you’ll be ready to cope with your trauma successfully after the first six weeks. But we can tell you that this program will change the way you see yourself, and equip you with the tools that are most helpful to you and your circumstances, and most effective for your specific case – and afterwards, our Thrive program will help you keep the therapy going on your end, with resources and education to help you continue on the path to betterment. We keep our promises – and one of our promises is that we absolutely won’t waste your time. We’re here to help.