We Specialize in Responsive Comprehensive Care

We are a family-owned and operated dual-diagnosis facility based out of Westlake, CA. We meet our clients where they are in terms of their level of willingness and motivation to change. It's a cooperative effort built on close, continuous assessments and whatever program modifications are needed for each unique individual.

At Vantage Point Recovery we integrate cutting-edge, evidence based therapies with responsive, highly attentive treatment that has proven to be remarkably effective. Our goal is for you to obtain the treatment and care that you need so that you can return to life with renewed hope in yourself.

Case Study A:
A program tailored to your specific needs

1-on-1 therapy for client with unique cognitive deficits.

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Case Study C:
A case for testing and why it works

In-depth psychological testing brings long-awaited relief to client.

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Case Study B:
Client-centered, integrated care for secondary disorder

Eating disorder specialists called upon in substance abuse case.

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