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Your Chances of Success with Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Anyone with debilitating anxiety should know that getting generalized anxiety disorder treatment will help the vast majority of people. This is good news! It’s important to know that treatment can help!  However, first it’s important to get a diagnosis. The reason for this is depending upon the type of anxiety disorder you have, treatment will vary. However, generalized anxiety disorder treatment, specifically, has shown to work for most people.

Not all anxiety disorders are the same. Adults, teens, and even children can experience anxiety for a variety of reasons. For instance, anxiety might be associated with a traumatic experience. In that case, anxiety may be a symptom of post traumatic stress disorder. Or, a person might experience anxiety whenever they are in a social environment or whenever they’re in small spaces. Those who feel anxious in social gatherings might have Social anxiety disorder, while those who feel anxious when in small spaces have a disorder known as claustrophobia.

Furthermore, it’s important to recognize that many people can feel anxious and not have an illness. It is when anxiety and other psychological symptoms become debilitating and begin to interfere with one’s life. That is when a diagnosis and the appropriate treatment are necessary.

With generalized anxiety disorder, people don’t feel anxiety for any particular reason. Some mental health professionals call this floating anxiety. Unlike Post-traumatic stress disorder where the anxiety is tied to a traumatic event or social anxiety where anxiety is tied to social experiences, those with generalized anxiety disorder do not have a specific cause or trigger to their anxiety. The anxious symptoms can appear randomly and without notice. This can be incredibly challenging for some people, and it is why they seek about generalized anxiety disorder treatment.

As mentioned above, generalized anxiety disorder treatment is successful for the vast majority of people. However, there are cases in which the effects of treatment don’t begin to show until after some time. Additionally, some circumstances can make treatment more difficult, such as when a person has another mental illness, in addition to generalized anxiety disorder. For instance, when someone has an addiction, depression, or another anxiety disorder then generalized anxiety disorder treatment might become more difficult. Ideally, treatment for mental illness, regardless of whether it’s addiction, depression, or anxiety, should be tailored specifically to meet a person’s needs.

However, there are some components of generalized anxiety disorder treatment that have proven to be effective. Typically, a person would participate in one or more of the following, depending upon their circumstances:

Medication – This can help ease the experiences of anxiety so that a person can return to work or other important aspects of their life.

Psychotherapy – There are certain forms of therapy that have been helpful with treating anxiety.

Wellness Activities – Over time, more and more health professionals are including wellness and alternative types of modalities into their practices. Activities like meditation, yoga, equine therapy, and acupuncture can help with generalized anxiety disorder treatment. In fact, with anxiety, any activity that can help a person relax may have many benefits.

For the most part, generalized anxiety disorder treatment can help a person get well and return to the life they want to live. If you’re experiencing anxiety, especially if it’s causing you to turn to substances or if it’s too debilitating, contact a mental health professional for support!

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