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You May Also Need Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment During Drug Rehab

If you are struggling with an addiction and you discover that you also have another illness, such as Depression or Generalized Anxiety Disorder, then it’s important to know that you’ll need treatment that addresses both illnesses. Although many addiction treatment centers are beginning to offer this kind of dual treatment, many still don’t. This article will explore the types of treatment you should look into in order to best care for an addiction as well as another psychological illness.

It’s very common for those who have an addiction and who begin drug rehab to later discover that they have another mental illness. In fact, addiction can contribute to mental illness. And at times it can be the other way around: a person might already have a mental illness and turn to drugs and alcohol to cope. However, regardless of the way it started, once you realize that you have both, Generalized Anxiety Disorder treatment may become necessary.

If you’ve already begun drug rehab, here are some steps to take in order to get the Generalized Anxiety Disorder treatment you need:

  1. Talk to the mental health providers you’re already working with. They may be able to provide services that are often included in Generalized Anxiety Disorder treatment.
  2. If the drug rehab center you’re in doesn’t provide any treatment for other illnesses, talk to a mental health provider in your neighborhood. You’ll want to be assessed first to be sure you’re in need of Generalized Anxiety Disorder treatment.
  3. Make a list of your symptoms. Generalized Anxiety Disorder is an illness that has specific symptoms. Although you may be experiencing anxiety, you may have another type of anxiety disorder, such as PTSD, social anxiety, or a phobia.
  4. Once you find a way to receive Generalized Anxiety Disorder treatment, ask questions. Find out what services are included and what they are doing to help you.
  5. You may find that even once you’ve begun Generalized Anxiety Disorder treatment, your anxiety levels are still high. If this is the case, medication may be necessary to help reduce your levels of anxiety, which in turn, can help make recovery from addiction a bit easier.
  6. If you are participating in both addiction treatment as well as Generalized Anxiety Disorder treatment, you may want to explore case management services. This is a professional service that keeps track of all of your treatment needs so that all the mental health providers assisting you can be in touch with one another. In other words, those providing your addiction treatment services can communicate with those providing your Generalized Anxiety Disorder treatment services. This kind of communication may help you feel that you’re being well cared for.

These are suggestions for advocating for your own well being and psychological health. It’s very common for addiction to come with other physical and psychological illnesses. If you find that you’re in need of Generalized Anxiety Disorder treatment, consider the above tips.

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