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What You Look Like When You’re High

Different drugs have different effects on the eyes, posture, walk, and speech of a person. In fact, if someone were familiar with these effects, he or she might be able to detect that a person is high or drunk. For instance, most people know that when a person is high on marijuana, their eyes are red and they have dilated pupils. They might be spaced out, acting paranoid, and/or laughing frequently. Because marijuana is so frequently used, the effects of the drug is more widely known.

However, it might be important for parents, co-workers, or concerned friends and family members to learn about the effects of certain drugs.

Alcohol – When someone is drunk or has had many drinks, he or she will tend to have little to no inhibitions. They will have droopy eyes, slowed speech, an unsteady gait, and a slowed heart rate. Their eyes will appear glassy or watery and they might be prone to blackouts.

Opiates – Opiates can be found in pain medication and in heroin. Because this substance can bring such pleasant feelings, many Americans have experienced addictions to either pain prescription medication and/or heroin. This drug can produce vomiting, change in sleep patterns, a horse or deep voice, frequently nodding off, itchy skin, and intense sugar cravings. Someone one on opiates will have pinpoint pupils and droopy eyes.

Marijuana – When someone is high on marijuana, they typically reveal changes in their behavior, droopy eyes, frequent laughing, slowed and slurred speech, slow heart rate and pace, as well as frequent hunger and eating. As mentioned above, their eyes will often be red and their pupils dilated.

Amphetamines – Drugs like cocaine, crystal meth, ecstasy, and Adderall fit into this category. Anyone taking any of these drugs will experience a change in sleep pattern, chewing or grinding teeth, constant talking, slowed breathing, and increased heart rate. They will typically have wide eyes and dilated pupils.

Benzodiazepines – This is a type of drug that is prescribed to help people manage their anxiety. For instance, Xanax, Valium, and Klonopin fit into this category. Someone using or abusing these drugs will tend to experience a change in behavior, drowsiness, slowed heart rate, loss of memory, frequently falling asleep, and slowed speech. Their eyes will tend to be droopy and glossy with dilated pupils.

Of course, each drug affects a person differently. However, these are typical effects that parents, co-workers and concerned friends can look for. It might be obvious but someone with any of the above descriptions might be in danger if they are driving a car or operating any kind of machinery. They might also be hostile, aggressive, or withdrawn. If you see someone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol and you are concerned for their well being, you might call for professional support.

However, regardless, if you or someone you know is regularly abusing drugs or alcohol, calling a mental health professional for support is a great idea. A professional can provide you with a list of treatment options including local resources to begin getting sober. In fact, doing so might even save a life!

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