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Learn to Live a Fulfilling Life with Trauma

Complex trauma affects us in ways we may not even realize. But you are not your trauma, and your trauma does not need to not define you.


TraumaVP Trauma’s treatment helps you move on, cope, and integrate what happened – without letting it consume you. We provide:

  • Brainspotting – a focused treatment method that works by identifying, processing and releasing core neurophysiological sources of trauma
  • A mind and body approach,  which integrates methods such as mindfulness, art therapy, trauma-sensitive yoga and other holistic healing modalities

TraumaVantage Point understands the potential challenges each client receiving residential care may face. Knowing that each component of recovery brings its own set of hurdles, our structure guarantees that no person will have to do it alone. Furthermore, we understand that each person brings their own historical experience into the process, changing the degree of difficulty in an individualized manner. That is why, whether it be detox & withdrawals, to our day and evening programming, to everything in-between, our staff is there 24/7 to insure a safe, comfortable, positive experience for all.

VP-Trauma is built on that foundation. We provide a safe space that allows clients to create a piece of home during the course of treatment. Our signature VP-Core treatment program is completed off site in our Thousand Oaks corporate offices. We find this gives our clients a separate sanctuary from any hardships that occur during the process. We have found that when we combine a compassionate staff, a strong off-site therapeutic program, additional in-home specialized programming, a comfortable environment filled with nourishing food, moderate amenities, and plenty of opportunity for caring connection, our clients are able to gain traction on the road to recovery.

After creating a set treatment plan that caters to each person and their individual needs, our around the clock care is there to make sure each person if relaxed, stable, and secure. Our constant care is not there to hover over patients, but to merely be a light noise in the background, and present the second they are needed.

Safe and Compassionate Detox Available

TraumaThere is a reason that the first step is the hardest to take when it comes to recovery. Not only does it involve a client submitting their routine life of substance abuse to treatment, but there is also the intimidating phase of detox. The fear of detox and withdrawal symptoms are not to be taken lightly. It is never a better option for a person to go through detox alone, rather than with a medical professional. Trying it alone will make the process incredibly uncomfortable, and can be life threatening. Vantage Point’s professional medical staff is trained for every possible situation that can occur throughout the course of withdrawal. However, we also recognize that mental health is just as important as physical health during detox. Our staff gives you a hand to hold and a trusted person to confide in. Compassion and safety influences our care equally to our medical training. This process is about the client. Vantage Point comprehends each client’s struggle, and we make it our goal to minimize it.

What our clients say

“Learning to empower myself made me quit defining myself by the traumatic parts of my past.”

– Sheryl C.

“Living with trauma doesn’t mean being controlled by trauma, it means understanding it and moving forward.”

– Tom D.

“VP Trauma gave me the tools to live without fear and really utilize my full potential.”

– Chuck L.