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Secrets to Shoveling Out Depression: Part 1

I woke up with it: that old, dark depression that always makes me want to stay under the covers. On days like that, the thought of any type of exertion just puts me back to sleep. These blues are no friends of mine, and so I have found ways of dismissing them from my bed. I have included two of my of best secrets to treat symptoms of depression: music and nature.

break the cycle of depression with these tipsWake Up To Music

Music feeds the soul and heals the mind and body like a magic pill. My best music friend at the moment is Pandora internet radio. Different genres of music have different impacts, another reason I am hanging out with Pandora. You may choose stations that feature a favorite artist or music style. I find that investing in the Premium account is worth it, as the intrusive advertisements distract from the music.

Be Out In Nature

Another way to bring a change to your mind, body and spirit is to change your scenery. Take a drive through a beautiful and nature covered area close to home. Go to a park and hang out, taking in the trees, sunlight, air, and sky. If you have a back or front yard, this can become a place of retreat for you simply by setting up a favorite outdoor chair in a corner or spot that has your name on it. This practice is truly blissful.

In my next post, I will tell you about my other friend, poetry. Check back in soon to meet this friend and secret cure to the blues.

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