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VP-Home (Housing)

Mental Health – Co-Occurring Supportive Housing

VP-Home (Housing)Vantage Point Recovery understands that for people to do their best therapeutic work, feeling at-home in a structured, supportive, sober environment, away from the triggers within their existing life structure, is imperative for success.  To this end, Vantage Point has created comfortable accommodations for those with both mental health and co-occurring disorders that attend VP programming.  Designed to inspire reflection and experience a new way of being, VP-Home is the home for which our clients’ souls yearn.  Located in Ventura County, CA, tucked away amongst beautiful scenery, our homes offer semi-private rooms to suit both needs and treatment goals.  With recreational common areas and lovely outdoor spaces, our homes give each client the opportunity to enjoy the road to recovery.

Breakfast foods, snacks, drinks, and a home-cooked dinner are provided daily.  Lunch is served at the program. Meals and snacks are of high quality and prepared with fresh and local ingredients.  Dietary restrictions are accommodated when possible.  Storage is provided for clients’ personal food/drinks.

Vantage Point understands that many of our clients have deep bonds with their four-legged friends.  Therefore, VP-Home invites you to bring your trained pets.  Certain restrictions apply.

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