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Staying Sober While Traveling

For many who are in recovery, consistency is a big part of sobriety. When we are at home and at work, we can create regular schedules, avoid temptations, attend meetings, and utilize other aspects of our support system to maintain our strength in sobriety. When we go on vacation or travel somewhere new, however, this consistency and regularity of everyday life are interrupted. Relapse can happen on vacation if you are not prepared – so if you are traveling, take these steps to ensure you will stay sober on your trip.

  • Choose your trip and destination wisely: certain locations and types of trips will inherently encourage drinking or permit drug use more than others. Sites across the internet can also help you to commit to sobriety and give further sober destination information.
  • Take your support network with you: traveling with those who support you in your recovery will make the vacation stronger and more encouraging for you.
  • Plan ahead: plan your activities ahead of time to avoid too much downtime that might tempt you to relapse. If you are on any medications, be sure to remain consistent and plan to bring it on your trip.
  • Practice coping strategies: utilize mindfulness and other breathing strategies to keep stress levels low and temptation at bay.