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Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, let the holiday be a reminder of what we can be thankful for and how we can practice gratitude. While the holiday may not be your favorite time of year, it can be an important time to reflect, acknowledging the connections we share and the many ways we are blessed. Whether or not you are feeling particularly thankful, consider trying out these five tips to  maintain a sense of gratitude this Thanksgiving holiday.

  1. Write notes: If you are most comfortable with writing down your gratitude, gratitude notes can be a great way to go. You can do this as a solo project, or include the whole family by each writing an anonymous note, putting them all in a jar, and reading them out loud one by one.
  2. Take nothing for granted: shift your mindset to act as a reminder of what you have. Considering that a person, possession, or situation could be gone tomorrow can help to cultivate gratitude.
  3. Feel comfortable with vulnerability: share more with your family and friends this holiday. Being emotionally honest and reflecting on your feelings can allow you to feel grateful with an open heart.
  4. Acknowledge loss: if you have experienced loss, it may seem very difficult to express any gratitude this year. Reflect upon your loss and know that your loved one is not lost; express sadness but understand also that your loved one would not want you to feel this sadness forever.
  5. Continue expressions of gratitude: gratitude need not be reserved for Thanksgiving. Keep the practice going in any way that you feel comfortable; from writing notes to friends to keeping a gratitude journal.

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