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Signs You Have An Addictive Personality

How do you know if you’ve taken something too far? That it’s moved past “enjoyment of hobbies” into addiction? Can you tell the difference? Some people cannot answer these questions and are unaware that their behavior might be a sign of addiction. Here are a few signs that might alert you that you have an addictive personality:

  • You have a difficult time controlling your impulsive behavior. Giving in to the latest trends and needing the next great thing, while unable to curb the impulse is a sign of an addictive personality.
  • Along with the first sign is a lack of commitment to your goals and values. “As each impulse strikes, it’s only natural to leave your former passion and desire out in the cold as you chase a new concept or activity.”
  • You feel a great deal of stress and anxiety. “Whether it’s personal regret for impulsive actions, substance abuse or disappointment leveled against you by others, the burden of battling addictive traits can weigh you down with anxiety and stress.”
  • You often feel social isolated or lonely. By flitting between friend groups, you may have given up on deep friendships and bonds with others. By approaching your impulses thoughtfully, you will be able to show your true self and form lasting relationships.
  • You sometimes experience mood swings and poor self-image. You may experience a “high” when you give in to an impulse, and when this wears off you are left with the consequences of your impulse, whether it is drug use, gambling, etc.

Admitting and understanding that you are struggling is the first step in changing and moving forward.

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