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Should You Tell Your Boss About Your Mental Illness?

Recently, author and comedian Ruby Wax stated that it is critical to keep your mental illness a secret from your boss and your workplace — that it would only hurt your career for them to know and that you must lie to save your job. While Wax is a mental health advocate, her words have reversed the progress that many have within the realm of mental health. Research from Mind has found that openness about mental illness in the workplace will ultimately benefit both the employer and the employee. The Equality Act also states that it is illegal to be let go due to a mental health problem.

Making adjustments in the workplace to adapt to your personal mental health should not be considered a bad thing. You should not be afraid to talk to your boss if you are struggling. Ultimately the decision should be made based on how you feel – whether you feel comfortable speaking about it as well as whether you feel that it is a need-to-know fact.