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Pranic and Reiki Energy Healing

Alternative therapies can be a positive experience for people who feel that they need to heal from emotional distress or negative energy that is holding them back. There are many different options for healing your body and spirit but some of the practices that are growing in popularity are reiki and pranic healing. Both of these healing practices are based on the idea of cleansing the flow of energy in a person’s body so that they are not experience any stagnation or blockage.

These two healing practices can be very different in some ways but they are both centered around the concept that people can access healing energies to help themselves and others. People can store negative energy in their bodies or in their “aura” and it needs to be removed to allow a smooth and natural flow of positive energy. This negative energy can come in the form of emotions, pain, and physical ailments that can affect your day to day life.

Pranic and Reiki Energy Healing

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique designed to promote relaxation, emotional stability and mental clarity. It is administered through the method of “laying on hands” and placing hands in certain areas to cleanse the chakras. During reiki energy healing, energy flows out of the hands and into the areas that need to be healed so that a person’s unseen life force energy is renewed.

People who have low life force energy will start to feel sick or stressed out because they have a blockage or areas of stagnation. A reiki healer can find these blocked areas and clear them through the healing method. However, even people with little or no healing experience can perform reiki on themselves or loved ones to promote positive energy flow.

You can attend reiki classes where the teacher can pass on the ability of “attunement” that allows you to tap into the unlimited supply of life force energy. Reiki healing does not require intensive training and is available to anyone that wants to promote health and better quality of life through energy flow. People look to reiki as a way to treat the whole self including mind, body and spirit.

The Differences between Reiki and Pranic

Although they are both based on energy healing techniques, pranic is a unique practice with many differences from reiki. Firstly, the pranic method often starts with an energy assessment of the individual through a “scan” of their aura or energetic spirit. This scan can help recognize areas of energy depletion or congestion which will help identify areas that need focused healing.

This type of assessment technique in pranic is not usually performed in reiki which relies more on the healer’s intuition to identify problem areas throughout the process of healing. After the assessment, the pranic practitioner will use a manual cleansing technique known as “sweeping” which helps remove the blockages and stagnant energies to allow fresh energy to flow. Reiki doesn’t employ any type of sweeping method but simply allows energy to flow out of the hands directly into problem areas.

According to pranic practice, every ailment produces a unique set of energy patterns that can be identified in the body’s major chakras and numerous meridians. There are specific cleansing routines used for these energy patterns that are matched to the illness. In this sense, pranic is more targeted on particular ailments and can work more quickly and effectively.

Pranic also includes other practices such as “energy hygiene” which involves a set of guidelines for breathing, dietary recommendations and cleansing routines designed to keep your personal energy flow full and clean. It can be a helpful practice for practitioners to rid themselves of any negative energy that they pick up from cleansing others and prevents them from being drained of their life force.

The Benefits of Energy Healing

While reiki and pranic energy healing can seem like foreign concepts compared to western medicine they can be a helpful supplement to more traditional types of treatment. People that are dealing with stress, pain and emotional difficulties can find energy healing to be a positive and relaxing experience that helps them let go of tension or toxic feelings. Experiencing healing energy from someone who practices reiki or pranic can help clear out negativity and create a renewed sense of well-being.

People who choose these kinds of healing methods can experience a sense of relaxation and clarity when they have finished a session. They might even have a sense of feeling “lighter” by clearing out the negative energy that was weighing them down. Releasing these old negative thoughts creates more room for positive and optimistic emotions so that you have a better mental perspective.

If you are interested in either pranic or reiki, you can find a practitioner in your local area or classes which will allow you to learn the techniques to use for yourself.