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Empower Yourself Despite Depression

You’ll be spared the pep talk at Vantage Point – your depression goes deep, and through trust and cooperation, you’ll discover what the root of your depression might be, learn how to best cope with it, and live an empowered life despite it. No matter how dark it may feel, no matter what you did or what you have been through, we have hope for you. We see you. We believe in you. We want to partner with you.

You are not your diagnosis. You are so much greater than that word. Guided by a treatment philosophy rooted in the principals of personal empowerment, we believe everyone has the potential to live a purposeful and fulfilling life. No doubt tragedy and challenges happen such as the ones below, but remember: Shift Happens.

Everyone has a story they live by. Where some stories lead to healthy coping patterns and a life of opportunity, many, sadly lead to dysfunction and struggle. All our programs have been created with this is mind. So no matter what your story, we have a program that can help you change it from a story of tragedy to one of triumph.

Listen, we hate to break the news to you – there is no cure, quick-fix or secret-formula. The methods we use are just one piece of a magical equation that we partner with you to discover. Call us to talk more, because the methods are an important part of the process. Just don’t sell yourself short – know that good treatment goes far beyond the method.

Depression is one of the most common, and devastating mental illnesses. It debilitates in a very simple and nightmarish fashion – by draining you of the will to do anything. It affects over 16 million Americans every year. However, it is treatable and manageable.

Let’s just clarify one thing: clinical depression may seem similar to normal behavior, but actually go much deeper, are characterized by physical differences in a person’s brain chemistry. Sure, we all get a little sad sometimes, but there’s a clear difference between a feeling and a clinical disorder. There is no magic pill, no secret treatment and no perfect therapy. However, our goal and mission aren’t to cure your depression. It’s to teach you how to live with the disorder – and how to live with yourself.


Join over 1,500 satisfied Vantage Point clients

“Vantage Point taught me how to live using my full potential.”

– John C.

“My depression is an afterthought, I’m finally excited to be living this life.”

– Sara D.

“My dark cloud of depression is gone, I’m truly myself again.”

– Pete K.

Are you ready for change?

In our experience, we have come to learn that you don’t get many opportunities to change the course of people’s lives. The most important thing to say in this moment, is to let you know that someone is here. No matter how dark it may feel, no matter what you did or what you have been through, we have hope for you. We see you. We believe in you. We want to partner with you.Give us a call, or fill out this form. Talk to one of our medical professionals about your situation and options. Take the first step with us.

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