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Plan Your Meals for All Day Energy

We all know by now that how eat affects how you feel. We’ve been experiencing it since we were children. The rampant energy of a sugar high, the spring in your step after a perfectly ripe piece of fruit, or the sleepy drawl after a big breakfast. The term, “balanced” is often used to describe a healthy diet, but balanced can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. We like to think of a balanced diet as one that makes your body feel natural. Meals build on clean, real foods that provide you with energy all day. Meal planning and prep is the best way to consistently incorporate a clean, balanced diet into your life. Make mornings simpler by chopping veggies in the evening, baking and slicing chicken breasts for lunches in the coming week. You can even pre-pack lunch boxes for yourself! Here’s a sample of a weekday meal plan to keep your energy up, even without caffeine!

            Breakfast: Vegetable frittata https://www.cleaneatingmag.com/recipes/spring-frittata-with-lemon-artichoke-peas/

Snack: Apple with almond butter

Lunch: Chicken veggie wrap https://www.cleaneatingmag.com/recipes/chicken-vegetable-pesto-wrap/

Snack: String cheese

Dinner: Salmon Farro Salad https://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/browse-all-recipes/squash-farro-bowl-recipe

Dessert: Raw banana cocoa smoothie https://www.sunfood.com/blog/recipes/smoothies-and-beverages/raw-cacao-and-banana-smoothie