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Openness About Addiction Can Reduce Stigma

Former and current addicts often site that it is isolation and darkness that keeps them in the cycle of addiction. While there can be a stigma attached to the areas of addiction and mental illness, staying quiet about these issues does not move anything forward. Lauren Stahl highlights that she has chosen to honesty and openness in regards to her recovery story. Rather than feeling any fear, or shame, or need for anonymity, Stahl shares her story. 23.5 million Americans are currently living with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, and we need to prove to those addicted that there are treatment options available to them. Here are five reasons that Stahl cites as reasons why she is open about her addiction and her recovery:

  • Talking about it reduces guilt and shame.
  • You never know who your story might help. Inspiring others with your own story is a powerful opportunity to make change.
  • Speaking honestly about your recovery helps you let go of your own baggage.
  • Eliminating any secrets will help to let go of the addiction and the shame or regret that comes with it.
  • Honesty about recovery helps support authentic relationships with others.

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