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Myths About Medicating Mental Illness

When it comes to public understanding, mental health is not always as well understood as physical health. When we are physically sick, it is common to go to the doctor and treat your ailment accordingly. So why should mental illness be any different? Mental health should be overseen by a doctor and often times will require medication, very similarly to a physical ailment. Treatment – be it therapy, diet, exercise, or medication – is not giving up. Medicating mental illness seems to have a stigma attached to it – so let’s bust some myths about it!

  • Myth: Medicating is the “easy way out.”
    • Truth: Medicating is not always easy, and it is not a cop-out. Just like a physical illness, medicating is often necessary and a tool in an arsenal of health resources.
  • Myth: It is different from medication for a physical illness.
    • Truth: If you have an imbalance, you have an imbalance. It’s okay to need to medicate to support your improving health. It is really no different from medicating a physical ailment.
  • Myth: Medication changes who you are.
    • Truth: For many who take medication, it allows them to be themselves and live their own lives.
  • Myth: Medication will fix your mental illness.
    • Truth: Medication is not an end-all, be-all. Recovery takes more than just medication, and your meds do not “fix” you. A combination of various treatment options will support your health.

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