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Mindfulness and Empowering Your Recovery – Mental Health Weekly

Welcome back to another edition of Mental Health Weekly – Where we take another look at some of the content we’ve published throughout the week.

The past week we covered mindfulness, empowerment, and shared an interview with Scott Stapp (Creed).

Take a look!

Scott Stapp on Bipolar Disorder and Addiction Recovery

If you feel, deep down, you need a little more encouragement to motivate you toward successfully recovering from addiction, you may want to check out this interview with Scott Stapp ( Creed ). He opens up and shares his personal experience living with bipolar disorder and struggling to recovery from addiction while on tour.

Check it out for a bit of inspiration.

Create Feelings of Empowerment to Overcome Addiction

Inspiration from external sources can be very helpful in developing motivation, but you shouldn’t ignore internal sources. It takes practice, but you can empower yourself to overcome addiction by focusing on the positive energy and shifting your mindset toward your goal.

Don’t miss this one if you feel a sense of despair.

10 Simple Mindfulness Tips for Beginners

As one of the most adopted approaches in the mental health world, mindfulness has become a sort of foundation for the road to recovery. We encourage you practice being mindful as a way to remain present and aware of your situation and goals.

Let’s Look At the Challenge of Staying Sober

The moment you decide to work past your old habits, you face a new challenge … staying sober. To illuminate this challenge, we shares an article we thought you might find helpful.

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