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Mental Health Tips for Back-To-School Time

If you are a student, you’re likely quite familiar with the stresses and changes that come with the back-to-school season. Taking care of your physical and mental health during this period is critical, as you adjust to new pressures and transition back into a different schedule. Consider these tips to help support your mental wellness during this time.

  • Utilize your campus’s resources for wellness and mental health support. This can range from hiring tutors to attending events to finding the right path for you within your schooling.
  • Develop healthy habits. Sleep, healthy eating, strong friendships, creative outlets, and therapy can help you to find a balance.
  • Learn to reframe struggles or “failure.” By understanding that these are examples of lessons learned, you can better focus on your possibilities moving forward.
  • Find a good support system. Family, friends, doctors, and mentors can help in both temporary and long-term support. Reach out when you need it.

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