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Mental Health Screening In Kindergarten Is Too Late


Children are like sponges for what they see, hear and learn, anything can influence them and stay with them for years and years.

This is both a good and bad thing, kids are more impressionable, therefore, not everything that they pick up on will be beneficial to them, or their mental health.

Say a child is exposed to abuse and violence, the impact of that early exposure will never go away, and will leave a lasting impression on their mental health.

Doctors are now suggesting babies as young as 6 months be screened for mental health problems, seem too soon?

Doctors say this is the time when if anything is wrong, it’s better to catch it and treat the condition before the child enters school.

Prevention is key, if a doctor sees something alarming at 6 months old, it is likely it can be handled long before it becomes a serious long term problem.


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