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Mental Healing with Smiles, Sounds & Syllables

Start your morning with some mind-body therapy with this mental healing exercise. You might like to try a couple of daily techniques that come from Chinese Healing traditions and that provide ongoing healthy vibrations for the body and mind. These practices require the ability to visualize and to willfully think about and focus on specific images and syllables that may also be sounded out loud.

Mental Healing Through Positivity Exercise

The theory behind these practices is that certain images and specific sounds and sound syllables bring health promoting positive well-being and flush out negative emotions and associated physical malaise. In order to provide this release of toxins, you need to be able to focus on the region you want to heal and imagine pulsing the smile or sound syllable into that region. If you are not yet able to do so, keep practicing. Like any other skill, practice brings results. You may find it best to study with a mentor or therapist who can directly teach you this practice or another related physical, mental and emotional healing technique.

Mantak Chia teaches two healing practices that he has shared with thousands of people around the world: the Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds practices. He graciously shares instructions of the Six Healing Sounds practice in this  approximately 15 minute youtube.

You will vibrate with luminous light as you continue to make this exercise in spiritual healing a regular daily routine!

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