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Keeping Your Negative Thoughts From Harming Your Health

Many people are plagued by a negative internal monologue, constantly being pestered and brought down by their thoughts. The stress that this causes can do a number on your health, lowering your immune system, increasing inflammation and triggering autoimmune problems. So what are some ways to say ~ sing ~  “Leave (Get Out)” to your negative thoughts? Here are some suggestions:

  • Practice awareness and mindfulness meditation.
  • Love yourself. Put away the body shaming and reclaim your health.
  • Detox from all the tech you normally use. Spend some time away from the blue light.
  • Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people.
  • Try not to be offended and try to forgive. This simple, yet difficult step will do wonders.
  • Eat healthier and nutritious food that will feed your brain. Healthy foods are crucial for optimal brain functioning, which you need to quell those negative thoughts!