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VP-Core (IOP)

Mental Health – Co-Occurring Intensive Outpatient Program

VP-Core Client

Our clients have functional impairments created from: Mood Disorders, Addiction, Trauma, Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder, Undiagnosed.

VP-Core is a short-term treatment model focusing on progressive abstinence, life-skills building, repairment of mental well-being, and stabilization of existing life structure. IOP covers a broad spectrum of care, ranging from the minimum required participation of 9-hours per week, which is designed to accommodate work and family life, to a full-time, intensive schedule.

VP-Core Treatment Modalities

This group focuses on Cognitive Behavioral techniques to assist clients in becoming more aware of their unhealthy patterns of thinking allowing them to take a pro-active role in changing their thought patterns which in turn will have a positive effect on their feelings and behaviors.
Is a directive client centered therapy which utilizes interventions that address ambivalence to move the client from one stage of change to another. It is very effective in addressing maladaptive behaviors because it meets the clients where they are at.
Exploring how our past experiences have shaped our beliefs about caring for ourselves, discovering how these ideas influence all aspects of the decisions we make in our daily lives and how we can improve these choices to create a higher quality of life.

Goal for the course: Clients will explore how past experiences have shaped their decision-making process and learn ways to make conscious, rather than reactive choices.
This course focuses on the body portion of the mind- body connection. Facilitated by local nutritionists and certified personal trainer’s individuals experience how …
The intention of coaching sessions is to help the client clear everything that is holding them back or blocking them from using their creative power. It is to simply get directions to what they are supposed to be doing and to put creativity in everything they do in life.

The sessions will take clients beyond life coaching to a whole new level of understanding their true creative power. Clients will be guided to wake up to who they really are, and create a life they desire from that inspired and expanded place. The process of these sessions is to awaken the clients to the healing power of their own creativity, and be guided by it in the journey of life, while allowing life to unfold as they remain open to limitless creative possibilities along the way. Clients will learn to prepare for this journey by providing an inner atmosphere of freedom, in which they may receive and express new perceptions and ideas, and of course to creatively manifest their goals and dreams.
Mindfulness is calm present awareness and exploration of one’s body functions, feelings, thoughts surroundings and consciousness itself. Clinical research shows that mindfulness techniques can help alleviate anxiety, stress and depression. Silent and conversational user-friendly interventions are used to practicing the art of conscious awareness in real-time.