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Include Meditation in Your Anxiety Treatment

When we have a medical problem, we’re used to taking a pill. We might go to the doctor, get assessed, and go home with a prescription. And it’s becoming that way in the mental health field too. When we’re feeling anxious, depressed, or manic, we can visit the psychiatrist and get a pill to feel better. However, there are always natural steps that one can include in their lives that don’t require medication.

To be fair, medication does great work. It can relieve us of symptoms of depression, prevent suicide, and ease the pain of withdrawing from addiction. There’s something to be said about the relief that medication can bring us. However, relying on medication is a bit like relying on cocaine to feel better. The only difference is your medication is managed by a doctor. But, in principle, the idea is the same.

If you’re interested in a natural way to relieve your symptoms, particularly symptoms of anxiety, try meditation. Those who are in anxiety treatment might be interested in learning ways to relax, of which meditation is one. Although for many people, meditation might be thought of as a spiritual practice, the experience of meditation is simply a practice of paying attention to the present moment. A practitioner may begin by finding a quiet place to sit for 10-30 minutes. Once he or she is in a comfortable seated position, meditation begins by putting attention on the breath (or on another point of focus such as a mantra). It sounds quite simple, but the practice might feel challenging at the start. It can be difficult to keep attention in one place for an extended period of time. However, a person doesn’t have to be successful at meditation to experience results. Feelings of calm and inner relaxation can be experienced almost immediately.

For this reason, if you’re in any kind of treatment, especially anxiety treatment, you may want to find a time of the day to meditate on a regular basis. Typically, anxiety treatment includes medication to relieve you of any excessive fears and worries. It may also include therapy to address any life situations that may be contributing to the anxiety.

However, you may need to include meditation in your anxiety treatment on your own. If this interests you, look for classes on meditation in your neighborhood. There are also many books on meditation, its benefits, and instructions on how to begin a long-term practice. Furthermore, if you were to do a search on YouTube, you could also find instructions on meditation. In this way, you could meditate in the comfort of your own home. However, you may be drawn to go to a location that has the right environment for a meditation practice. A yoga studio, for instance, might have meditation classes that include cushions, candles, and soft music for you to enjoy.

Whether you’re in anxiety treatment or not, meditation comes with a long list of benefits. No matter your age, you can participate in this stress-reducing practice of relaxation.

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